Why So Serious?

Kaylee, why are you so serious all the time?  You must have some really fascinating things going through your head to keep you so constantly deep in thought.  No matter what you’re doing, you always seem to have the same stoic expression on your face.  Whether you’re vamping for the camera…

Playing with your foster brother…

Hangin’ at the dog park….

Holding down the couch…

Catching some rays…

Or chillin’ on the porch….

So what exactly is it that is occupying that big square noggin of yours?  The national debt crisis?  How to attain world peace? Developing a cure for canine cancer?  If only you had a way to clue us in, I’d love to pick your brain! 

To adopt the serious thinker, contact Agape Animal Rescue


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3 responses to “Why So Serious?

  1. haha! She is really serious! But cute! 😉


  2. She’s pensively plotting how she will win her way into your heart so you keep her forever….little does she know that you are trying to find her an even BETTER family for her so you can keep fostering! She’ll figure it out soon though!


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