Krushin’ on Kaylee

Hey guys, Oscar here.  I just want to set the record straight…Momma says that I’ve been getting along so well with Kaylee lately that I must have a crush on her.  YEAH RIGHT!  She is a girl and girls are gross!   I thought I had made myself very clear on that.  But look, she’s still trying to muscle in on my stuff!  Just listen to how last night went down, ‘kay?  See here?  Kirsten from Agape came over last night to bring me a new bed, and Kaylee tried to steal it!

YOUR bed? This is MY bed!!

Momma says that I don’t need a bed because I sleep with her and Daddy, that this bed is for Kaylee and it’s OK if I share but it’s really hers.  Um, excuse me, but my house = my stuff.  All of it. 

Momma, make her get OFF!

Well OK fine you I’ll share the stupid bed with you.  But I’m drawing the line when it comes to the couch.  MY couch, get it?

Oh what the — ?  Ugh, OK fine, but no touching!

That’s better.  She can just stay over there.

Ahhh, this is nice, just me and mom on the couch.  Just like it’s supposed to be.  

Hmm….so……hey, you….whatcha doin’ over there?

Not that I care or anything….

But if you wanted to, maybe I would be willing to share my couch.  I mean, just for a little while….

Kaylee: Heh heh heh, got him wrapped around my paw.

Don’t worry about separating these two lovebirds, what Kaylee wants more than to continue her secret affair with Oscar is a family of her very own.  To adopt Kaylee, contact Agape Animal Rescue.


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7 responses to “Krushin’ on Kaylee

  1. Oscar, don’t worry dude….I know what it’s like to have people think you have a crush on a dumb girl when you DON’T! Mama thinks I have a secret crush on Ginger and that’s why I lick her ears or try to hump her when no one is looking….but it’s simply not true! I am a proud member of the HeManWomanHaters Club and I don’t care who knows it! Solidarity, brother!

    XOXO, Turk


  2. This cracked me up today. Their expressions are so cute. I’ve seen these evolving relationships with my own dogs, and it has been so fun to watch!


    • It’s been so great, Oscar has been such a trooper through all the upheaval, he deserves heaps of credit! I imagine you feel the same way about Chick, the forever dogs really are the unsung heros of fostering sometimes aren’t they?? 🙂


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