How Tucker’s People Found Him

Tucker and his new People seem so very meant-to-be, that I just had to ask them what the process was like from there end, and how exactly they found Tucker, and decided that he was the one for them.  I was so excited to get this note from Tucker’s mom, written the day he joined their family forever.  Enjoy!

I had wanted a dog since Daniel and I were married last October. However, I was still in grad school and barely had time for myself much less a new addition to our family. I promised Daniel we wouldn’t start looking for a dog until I finished school. During that time I researched breeds and decided a Boston Terrier dog would work best for us. I also didn’t think we’d be ready for the responsibility of a puppy, so I decided that we should try to adopt a young dog who had already been house trained. Now all I had to do was finish school…

We started looking at dogs on in October. I put in our search criteria and Tucker showed up on the first page. We read his profile and decided he was too high energy for us – I specifically remember Daniel saying “Nope!” after he read his profile.  We moved on, but I couldn’t help thinking how adorable Tucker was.

We kept looking for suitable Boston Terriers but there were few in Nashville. We decided that our best option would be to just go to some shelters to see what was in our area. We were getting ready to go to a shelter on a Saturday when Daniel found out about the zoo adoption event happening that day. We felt like it was meant to be that the first day we decided to go out there was this huge adoption fair just waiting for us!

The second we walked into the event, I spotted this adorable little Boston Terrier mix who was just chilling out on his leash. When I heard his name was Tucker, I knew immediately who he was.  But he wasn’t this crazy excited doggie I’d envisioned in my mind. He was perfect. We started asking his foster parents tons of questions to see if he was right for us. We took Tucker on a walk and I knew it was over…we wanted Tucker!

A week later and here we are… Tucker is coming home tonight! I can’t help but feel that it must have been fate in how everything fell together for us to find Tucker. We feel so lucky to have him become part of our family. Thank you guys so much!


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