Party Animal?

A few weeks ago, we had a little gathering at Flaherty Foster House, in which the canine (as well as human) population of our house doubled.  Our friends brought over their two awesome dogs, Bailey (a senior Chow mix) & Libby (a spunky Border Collie mix). 

Boy if I thought getting two dogs to cooperate for pictures was tough….this is the only successful attempt at getting all four dogs in the same frame.  But, it is proof that Tucker survived the Invasion of the Black Dogs:

For those of you following along, you know what a big deal this was for Tucker.  Not only did Tucker tolerate meeting more than one other dog at the same time, but he did so without barking nervously or freaking out at all.  We made sure Libby and Bailey arrived on their respective leashes, then we met them outside so everyone could do the Butt Sniff Dance – bringing Oscar along for moral support, of course.  Once that went well and the dogs seemed cool with each other, we went into the backyard for some more sniffing and exploring.  Once everyone was happy and comfortable, we all went inside for our favorite fall Saturday tradition: college football.

The only time Tucker got a little nervous was during a little attempt at romance by Bailey (hey, we don’t judge).  I don’t know that Tucker’s ever been dominated by another (larger) dog before, but I do know that Tuck didn’t turn his back on Bailey again for the rest of the night! 

Tucker did absolutely amazing.  He played with the other dogs a bit, and found out that other laps can be just as comfy to snuggle on as his current foster People’s are.  But the most amazing part of the day was just how exhausted all the dogs seemed – at one point, all four dogs were passed out on their respective people or dog beds.  Tucker, however, opted for the one spot where no other dog could reach him:

Even though he did amazing, and got tons of praise and “I’m so proud of you” snuggles from Foster Mom, the ever-present snarl tells me that Tuck would have been just fine without his new “friends.”

It’s OK, buddy.  You may not have fallen puppy love with Bailey or Libby, but I could not be more proud of your performance.  If we had tried this three weeks ago, I’m sure the outcome would not have been nearly as serene.  As much as I’d love for you to become BFF’s with every dog you meet, I will settle for passive indifference – well done, sir!

To adopt Tucker, fill out an application at Agape Animal Rescue.



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