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Captain Underbite

You’ve heard of Captain Underpants?  Well somehow Tucker acquired the nickname Captain Underbite.  Not really sure where it came from…

….but it stuck.

To adopt Captain Underbite, contact Agape Animal Rescue.


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The Tucker Sleeps Tonight

Tucker does have plenty of energy, this much is absolutely true.  So after getting completely, well, “tuckered” out, he turns passing out into an art form.  You name a position, and he has passed out in it.

The Superman:

The Stuck Turtle:

Sitting Up:

In a chair:

On the floor:

I know, buddy, it’s hard work being so heartbreakingly adorable!

To adopt Tucker, fill out an application at Agape Animal Rescue.



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Tucker’s First 48

Tucker has taught us a lot about himself in the first two days he’s been at Foster House.  He has been bugging the crap out of me to meet you guys, and since he behaved so well during our trip to the PetSmart last night, I told him he could go ahead and talk to you himself:

Hi guys!  It’s me, Tucker!  Foster mom has been telling me all about all the cool people who want to learn all about me, and it’s not that I don’t trust her to tell you herself, but who knows Tucker better than Tucker??  So here I go, ready?

Stuffed toys have no prayer of any sort of extended life around me.  The nose is the first to go, then I attack the limbs.  As soon as I see stuffing, it’s all over.  (*Oh, the carnage!*) Also, when I “play” with them, I develop a French accent:  “Zee stoofed aneemals?  Zay weel not survive! Zay shall all be deestroyed! Mu-haa-haha!”

I have a LOT of energy, and I’ve got mad ups.  I can clear a baby gate without even trying, and when bounding around the backyard I resemble the mythical Jackalope.

I don’t mind other dogs, but I don’t have much interest in playing with them.  My strategy is passive indifference – I’ll play if I must, but I would do just fine as an only dog with lots of attention from My People all to myself.  I guess I am learning a lot from my foster brother, he’s OK I guess…I might come around in time.

I’m a bit of an escape artist, but only because I’m curious.  Open doors need to be heavily guarded – because I am so fast and so small, I can sneak right past your feet if you’re not paying attention.  Same goes for the car – open the driver’s door and I’m over the back seat and making a break for it before your second foot has even hit the ground.  It’s not because I hate the car, just the opposite – I LOVE the car!  I happily jump right in the back seat and ride along happily, looking out the window.  I only jump out so fast because I’m so excited to see where we’re going!  (**Advice from foster mom: grab the leash BEFORE you even open the door!**)

When I first got to Foster House, I was super nervous and totally unsure of myself.  Who were these strange People who kept looking at me and making strange sounds? (I have since learned that those “sounds” are called “commands,” and when directed at me, they want me to do something.  Different “commands” mean they want me to do different things, then when I do those things, I get lots of pats and a yummy treat!  Isn’t that cool??)  It turns out that I am very smart and a very fast learner, I just want to make My People happy.  All I need is a strong leader who can give me some good consistent guidance and I’ll be a confident happy pup!

I am a cannon ball.  I wait until you are least expecting it, maybe sitting on the couch minding your business watching TV, then I catapult myself up into your lap, right into your gut (kinda like this), as if from out of thin air!  It’s such a fun game for me!  Oh and once I’m there, I love, and I mean LOVE, getting my belly rubbed.  When I jump in your lap and kiss your face and squirm around like crazy, foster mom learned that to get me to calm down all she has to do is start rubbing my belly and I melt like butter.

That’s it guys!  Thanks for letting me talk to you today.  Do you think you or someone you know might be My People? Don’t get me wrong, foster mom & dad are great, even Oscar’s not so bad, but what I really want is a home of my very own where I can live happily ever after.  Won’t you help me find it?

So that’s pretty much Tucker in a nut shell, after knowing him for two days.  Tuck will do great in either a house or an apartment, he likes to play by himself more than run around or wrestle with another dog (then again, this could change tomorrow!).  Tucker’s perfect furever home will have an owner who has some dog experience or is comfortable being an Alpha and offering good consistent training.  Tucker is very smart and gets bored easily, if he acts out it is only because he doesn’t know what you want him to do.  He’s really coming out of his shell and we learn more about him each day!

To adopt Tucker, fill out an application at Agape Animal Rescue.



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Meet Tucker!

Meet the first tenant of Flaherty Foster House: Tucker! 

Tucker is an 18 month old Boston Terrier mystery mix – this “mystery” lies in what exactly the “mix” is (Boxer? Pittie? Bull dog?), and sure, maybe he’s not a full blown Pittie…but from his brindle markings to the white tip on his tail, he looks so much like Oscar’s mimi-me, how could we resist? 

 Poor Tuck was an owner surrender to Williamson County Animal Control.  We don’t have much history on this little guy, but to be so young and as an owner surrender, we can only imagine that someone brought him home without realizing how much of a commitment a puppy can be, and changed their minds.  Well their loss is Tucker’s new furever family’s gain, because this little guy is just awesome!  Weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds, Tucker is full-grown (though may still put on a little weight) and did I mention cute as a button?  He has a little underbite that just the cutest thing, and is a total love bug.

Tucker only came to us last night, with just about zero training on him at all – he doesn’t even know his name!  But this little firecracker is super-smart – he learned “sit” in about 10 minutes, and is pretty good at “down” already, too.  Tuck loves his toys and just wants to be near people.  For now, being “near people” means a lot of jumping and licking.  With a little guidance he’ll learn there are more appropriate ways to get attention!  

As far as temperament goes, he’s a little nervous.  He is coming from being boarded at a doggie day care facility where we hear the other dogs were picking on him a little bit – which could have contributed to his nervousness.  Luckily, Oscar is being a very patient foster-brother!  More major props for Tucker: night one in a strange new place, and he slept straight through the night in his crate, and didn’t whine or bark once.  Way to go, Tucker!

To adopt Tucker, fill out an application at Agape Animal Rescue.



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All systems go!

This post had two purposes: a) to test posting to the blog from my phone (blog virgin, remember?) and b) to announce that our home check with Kirsten went wonderfully today – she thinks Oscar will make an exemplary foster brother.  We are actually waiting, as I type, to meet candidate #1, to see if he and Oscar get along.  If all goes well, we could have our first tenant by the end of the week.


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