Tucker’s Outing

This weekend, Tucker got to go out to his first street festival.  The idea was to dress him up all cute (like we had to try very hard) and get him some exposure as an adoptable dog.  The bummer is that due to some scheduling mishaps that morning, we weren’t able to get down there until later in the day, by which point it was an absolute mad house, so we didn’t stay very long.  It was still great for Tuck because he got to show off just how awesome he does with crowds.  He stayed right by us while we were navigating through the masses, then once we found a seat he was his usual friendly self, loving on anyone who would show him any attention.  Again – apologies for my rookie dog photography skills, but I did manage some that aren’t too blurry. 

This weekend, Tuck’s going to get another go at “public,” when we attend his first adoption event!  Fingers crossed for Tucker!

To adopt Tucker, or for information on this weekend’s adoption event, contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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