Why Tucker is Awesome

Just a few quick points today to talk about just how awesome Tucker is, and why he will make an amazing addition to the right family:

  1. He is house trained.  We were a little nervous when we first met him because he did a lot of marking out in the yard, but in the week he’s been with us – not one accident.
  2. He is crate trained.  Not only is he crate trained, but he LOVES his crate.  He goes in without complaint, and sleeps through the night with no crying.  Sometimes he goes in there on his own to take a little nap, giving Oscar a break from the Tucker ball of energy. 
  3. He LOVES his people.  If you would like to get greeted like you’ve just returned from an international space mission every time you come home from work, or even back from the bathroom, Tucker is your man.  
  4.  He is SMART.  When Tuck came to us last week, he had absolutely zero training on him.  After learning “sit” in about 10 minutes, he now knows “down,” “outside,” and “come” (well, kinda).  He’s also doing much better at responding to his name.
  5. He has a lovely singing voice.  This is about impossible to describe, but trust me – it’s freakin’ hilarious. 
  6. **UPDATE** How could I forget this one?  To date, he has chewed ONLY on his own toys – not a single shoe or chair leg has fallen casualty to his vicious, vicious chompers.  Stuffed animals, however – are another story.

If these are qualities you’re looking for in your new family member, act quickly – word on the street is that Tucker already has his first adoption application in!

To adopt Tucker, contact Agape Animal Rescue.


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