Tucker at Play

The other day I talked about all of Tucker’s many fascinating sleeping styles, and I realized most of the pictures I’ve posted are of him totally chilling out, yet I talk about his boundless energy.  Lest you start calling me a liar, I decided, perhaps against my better judgement, to share some of Tuck’s less than flattering pictures, just to show you that he is, in fact, mobile.  Because after all, why should a whole side of Tucker’s hilarious personality fail to be shared simply because of my less than adequate action-photography skills?  So here you go, the blurred batch of brindle that is Tucker at play:

I should mention that this is a completely different dog than what was dropped off at our house a week ago.  Tucker was nervous and unsure of himself, but has totally come out of his shell. As you can (sort of) see, Tucker loves playing with his foster brother.  Oscar deserves some props here because he has been VERY patient with this little firecracker, who may be 1/3 his size, but more than makes up for his small stature with enthusiasm.

….but how can I resist?  OK, just one more pass out picture, after play time is done:

To adopt Tucker, contact Agape Animal Rescue.



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2 responses to “Tucker at Play

  1. I especially love the “horse eyes” in the 4th photo 🙂


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