Meet Tucker!

Meet the first tenant of Flaherty Foster House: Tucker! 

Tucker is an 18 month old Boston Terrier mystery mix – this “mystery” lies in what exactly the “mix” is (Boxer? Pittie? Bull dog?), and sure, maybe he’s not a full blown Pittie…but from his brindle markings to the white tip on his tail, he looks so much like Oscar’s mimi-me, how could we resist? 

 Poor Tuck was an owner surrender to Williamson County Animal Control.  We don’t have much history on this little guy, but to be so young and as an owner surrender, we can only imagine that someone brought him home without realizing how much of a commitment a puppy can be, and changed their minds.  Well their loss is Tucker’s new furever family’s gain, because this little guy is just awesome!  Weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds, Tucker is full-grown (though may still put on a little weight) and did I mention cute as a button?  He has a little underbite that just the cutest thing, and is a total love bug.

Tucker only came to us last night, with just about zero training on him at all – he doesn’t even know his name!  But this little firecracker is super-smart – he learned “sit” in about 10 minutes, and is pretty good at “down” already, too.  Tuck loves his toys and just wants to be near people.  For now, being “near people” means a lot of jumping and licking.  With a little guidance he’ll learn there are more appropriate ways to get attention!  

As far as temperament goes, he’s a little nervous.  He is coming from being boarded at a doggie day care facility where we hear the other dogs were picking on him a little bit – which could have contributed to his nervousness.  Luckily, Oscar is being a very patient foster-brother!  More major props for Tucker: night one in a strange new place, and he slept straight through the night in his crate, and didn’t whine or bark once.  Way to go, Tucker!

To adopt Tucker, fill out an application at Agape Animal Rescue.



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3 responses to “Meet Tucker!

  1. gosh, he is the cutest! i have been out of town for the past week and was so delighted to see these posts when i got home today!


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