Let’s get this foster party started!

Welcome to our foster-blog, and our very first post!  Find out a little more about us and why we decided to foster in the “About Us” tab up above.  It’s something we’ve been talking about doing for a while now, and we are finally jumping in head first.  And so our journey begins….Now, being foster-virgins, we are obviously a little nervous, and have some concerns and questions: 

How do they decide which dog to assign to us? 

Will Oscar be a good foster-brother? 

Won’t we get attached, and how will we ever be able to say good-bye once the dog’s perfect fur-ever family comes along? 

So today, Oscar and I met with Kirsten from Agape Animal Rescue, one of the pit bull friendly dog rescues in Middle Tennessee. As we chatted over coffee, Kirsten filled me in on the entire foster process, from matching the right dog to the right foster family, to assistance with training and supplies, to the approval process of adoption applicants. 

Even though we had already pretty much mentally committed to the idea of fostering, by the end of our conversation I could not think of a single reservation I still had.  So, pending an application approval and a home check, we will officially be on our way to starting our foster adventure! 

I wonder who our first house guest will be?


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4 responses to “Let’s get this foster party started!

  1. It would be difficult for me to describe to you how excited I am about your journey — both the fostering and the blogging. You are going to love it so much, and this is an awesome start!


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